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As a mother and doctor I understand better than most the challenges faced by new parents. I'd love to support you!

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Hooray Littles is a unique form of swaddle designed to be used when the baby needs to be harnessed; such as a swing, stroller, bouncy chair, or car seat. An absolutely genius idea that I wish I had discovered when my son was still a newborn. Like most newborns, Luke was the calmest and would sleep longer if swaddled. Additionally, the motion of his swing was sometimes the only way he would allow me to put him down for more then 5 minutes. We would swaddle him and then try to wrap the harness around him in the swing, the combination of swing and swaddle was magic. Unfortunately, it wasn’t safe. Hooray Littles is the answer to this struggle. Your baby can be safely harnessed with a swaddle wrapping around top.

At almost 3.5mo old my son no longer requires swaddling. However, I quickly found that he still benefits from the security added by being wrapped tightly. Luke went from napping for only 30-40 mins at a time in his swing to sleeping almost 2 hours.

The big improvement I would make is to change the fabric. While it is light and airy, it is courser then our other swaddles.

Why Swaddle?

It is no secret that one of the best ways to help a newborn sleep is to swaddle them. Wrapping a newborn snugly with their arms at their sides eliminates the Moro reflex (this reflex is why when there is a loud noise newborns throw their arms out and cry). Additionally, the tight wrap reminds babies of the safety and security they felt when in mommy’s womb.

Please be careful when adding anything to your child’s car seat because if it did not come with it, it was not crash tested together and could diminish the effectiveness.

– Cost: $28 each
– Value: 4/5
– Functionality:4/5
– Ease of use: 5/5
– Appearance: 3.5/5

While opinions are my own, a swaddle was provided to me for purpose of this review.