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Navigating breastfeeding and pediatric care can be overwhelming. We're here to guide you with love, compassion, and expertise.

 dr. patricia

I am a licensed physician, blogger, wife, and mother. I have two precious sons and one sweet daughter. I am so blessed to have a career that allows me to combine my love for children and fascination of medicine.

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holistic pediatric approach.

Discover personalized care that considers your child's well-being from every angle. Our lactation services seamlessly integrate with our

-fionna p.

"Dr. Patricia not only gave me the support and guidance I needed as a first time mom navigating the realities, joys, and challenges of breastfeeding but also the friendship that helped me survive the experience of postpartum. She answered any and ALL my questions no matter how weird or the time. Having an experienced companionate expert that I felt truly cared and listened to me was, and is, the difference between surviving and thriving. With Dr. Patricia's holistic approach my children and I are thriving."

She was able to help me give the best to my little girl

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