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As a mother and doctor I understand better than most the challenges faced by new parents. I'd love to support you!

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Returning to Work: The Struggle is Real

Whether you are driven by finances, career goals, or familial obligation; returning to work after maternity leave is PAINFUL. Emotionally and physically. You just spent the better part of a year growing another person within your body. You protected them, nourished them, and cherished a special bond unlike any other. It is difficult to express…

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Surviving the 4th Trimester: The Best Postpartum Products for Baby and Mama

Having a baby is incredible, but it is also incredibly challenging. Before my first son was born I thought I knew exactly what I needed to make the transition into parenthood as seamless as possible. But until you’re there it’s hard to know exactly what will work best for YOUR child. Below I have shared…

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My Birth Story: When Nothing Goes As Planned

Let me start by saying the key to all birth plans is flexibility… and my birth story is no exception. I spent the months prior to my due date carefully writing my detailed birth plan, and taking natural birthing classes. I chose the Bradley Method because it was what my mother had used and I…

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The final countdown… Waiting for Baby

I’m 39 weeks and 2 days, but who’s keeping track… it’s the final countdown of my pregnancy and I can hardly wait to meet our little man. Each day that passes seems like it is getting longer and time is passing more slowly… Of course, it doesn’t help that every time I see my OB…

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Why is illness magnified during pregnancy?

Thankfully, with the exception of morning sickness, and a couple episodes of food poisoning, I have been healthy for the duration of my pregnancy. That is until last Tues… Now don’t get me wrong, I am typically a trooper when I’m sick and don’t let a simple cold virus stop me from getting my To-Do…

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Everyone has an opinion about your baby bump… Shocking things people say

Nobody tells you that being pregnant means that your belly becomes public property… From the moment you announce the exciting news it quickly starts to feel like everyone has an opinion about your growing baby bump… and they have no reservations sharing it with you. Below are some of the comments and actions that have…

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Pregnancy: The good, The bad, and The ugly

Pregnancy can be a beautiful time, a time of bonding with a tiny person nestled deep inside, a time of excitement and celebration, but not everything about pregnancy is beautiful… Breasts: The good- They grow, a lot. Like to the breasts I always wanted, but thought I would need a surgeon to get. The bad-…

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Will My Baby Have…

As a Pediatrician I thought I was ready for parenthood and in many ways I am, but what caught me off guard were all the fears I would have about my unborn child… At just 4 weeks pregnant I took my first pregnancy test, I was elated when it came back positive. Images of a…

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Returning to work: Best Products for Easing the Transition

After my son was born I had the privilege of spending the first 4 months of his life home with him before returning to work. As I re-entered the work force I experienced great anxiety over being separated from my son. Would he take a bottle? Would he cry the entire time we were separated?…

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