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As a mother and doctor I understand better than most the challenges faced by new parents. I'd love to support you!

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Doctor’s Tips for Feeding Children

Feeding children can be intimidating and anxiety provoking. Here are some tips that I wish my patients knew about feeding their children! Each food group has it’s own tips and tricks to introduce the flavors, and textures, in a safe and appetizing way. FRUIT Many children naturally love fruits. With the juicy sweet qualities they…

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Ensuring Your Child Gets the Nutrition They Need

From the day your baby is born, their nutrition is a primary focus. Are they getting enough of everything they need? Are they getting too much of one thing? How do you prevent them from being picky? How do you ensure they’re getting high quality ingredients? Link to Calming Parental Anxiety About Starting Solids Your…

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General Tips to Avoid Having a Picky Eater

Variety is key, in flavor, temperatures, and textures. Don’t be afraid of a little seasoning. Add a little Garlic, Tumeric, or Cinnamon to your recipes and help expand their palate. As soon as you see your baby has mastered the purée, start providing thicker and more textured foods. The goal is go offer solid table…

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Top 5+ Common Questions that parents ask about introducing food to baby

What is the first food I should give my baby? We are past the age of plain rice cereal, it offers very little nutritional value and can cause significant constipation. Instead consider avocado or squash as a first food. The key is soft purees that they can easily swallow. I do not recommend going directly…

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Calming Mom’s Anxiety when it comes to transitioning from breast/ bottle to food

Any big transition in your baby’s life can be stressful just as it is exciting. Moving from a purely liquid diet to one that includes solid foods is one of these times! As a physician and mother I would like to take this opportunity to calm your fears and reassure you through this transition. Just…

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Deepening your understanding of nutrition: Milk Conference Take-Home Points

I had an AMAZING time at the MILK Conference! The depth and quality of information provided far exceeded my expectations. I love learning and Here are some top take-home points from the conference: – Skin-to-skin goes way beyond the golden hour, you need to spend 120 mins 4 times daily for the first several weeks doing…

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Nutrition and Obesity

Childhood obesity has become an epidemic. One with serious consequences, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and muscular-skeletal damage. -Today two-thirds of adults and nearly one-third of children struggle with overweight and obesity. -If obesity rates stay consistent, by 2030, 51 percent of the population will be obese by 2030. LINKS: – An excellent resource for nutrition and…

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Recommended Baby Feeding Gear

      Introducing solid foods into baby’s diet is a fun and exciting time, but it can also be a time filled with questions and confusion. Having the right tools will make that transition infinitely easier. So below I am going to discuss the products that have made this transition much easier.    …

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