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Introducing solid foods into baby’s diet is a fun and exciting time, but it can also be a time filled with questions and confusion. Having the right tools will make that transition infinitely easier. So below I am going to discuss the products that have made this transition much easier.
BEABA First Stage Silicone Spoons:
These spoons are perfect for babies delicate mouths when you first start your feeding journey and durable enough to withstand a teething infant’s chompers. Available at an economical price I keep a couple spoons in our diaper bag for meals away from home and with the babysitter. I absolutely love them!
Kleynimals Stainless Steel Silverware:
Made of food grade stainless steel the set comes with 3 pieces. Feeding spoon for a young baby, spoon and fork for toddler. Now that my son is a year old he loves feeding himself with the toddler fork. Well made with incredible detail, this set is a favorite in my house and is one I plan to use for generations to come!
NumNum (self feeding):
Made with a unique groove in the middle, comes in a set of two for different consistency puréed foods. These are great for helping your baby learn the basic steps of dipping their spoon and feeding themselves.

EZPZ (plates):–> DISCOUNT CODE is DOCTORMOMMY10 for 10% off
Toddler equals messy, but it does not have to mean plates and bowls strewn across the floor (by accident or intentionally). EZPZ’s genius design of bowls and plates solves this age old dilemma– keeping plates on the highchair or dining table where they belong. Additionally, made of a smooth silicone material they are easy to clean and can be stacked for quick serving.
RePlay Recycle:
Beautiful plates available in a wide selection of colors RePlay Recycle products are made from repurposed milk jugs, so buying their products is also great for the environment. I love how lightweight the pieces are while still being thick and impressively durable. As referenced above my son is one to throw his dishes on the floor when he is done, these stay looking as good as new!
High chairs-
With Luke being my first baby this was the first time I have had extensive experience with different highchair brands and let me tell you– a good one makes a huge difference!
Baby Bjorn:
We love this highchair for first foods onward. The compact footprint makes it easy to fold up and take with you (we had to bring it to several family member’s homes for the holidays). While the sleek design easily fits into your decor without being obnoxious. With no textiles or fine crevasses, this highchair is quick to wipe clean after meals and the tray folds down so you never need to find a place to set it. The curved back and adjustable tray allow you to tailor fit the seat size and provide excellent support for even the earliest sitters.
Now with Noah I have found the most incredible ergonomic highchair:
Nomi Highchair:
Even before your baby has developed the ability to sit, this highchair is the perfect choice to grow-with-them. With the option to purchase add-on attachments which adapt the chair for baby, a child can comfortably use the Nomi High Chair all the way until adolescence and adulthood. Another great thing about the Nomi is that it can be used as-it-comes, without a tray and pulled up to the table, or you can buy the optional tray.
Nomi Highchair LINK

Baby food maker-BEABA Babycook: Have you ever walked down the baby food aisle and wondered why a tiny jar of of carrots costs more then the whole carrot? Or what exactly goes into those baby food jars? Well thanks to BEABA you can now steam, and purée your own baby foods in a single appliance. PLUS, with accessory options you can make small batch pasta, or rice! Easy to clean, and easy to use, the BEABA Babycook can be used long after the baby years for appetizers and dips for the whole family!

Bibs-Make my Day:  These are the ONLY bibs that Luke doesn’t pull off. Made of a soft silicone with a molded trough to catch any food or liquids dropped during eating. Easily cleaned with a simple wipe, these bibs are a must have! They come in a variety of adorable colors and patterns, plus they roll up easily to slip into your diaper bag.
Make My Day LINK

BapronBaby:  Perfect for mealtime, crafts, and any of the day’s messy activities. BapronBaby makes toddler sized smocks that cover your child’s clothing with beautiful patterns designs to compliment every wardrobe. Plus she even does custom designs as seen on Luke below!
BapronBaby Link