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- dr. patricia

As a mother and doctor I understand better than most the challenges faced by new parents. I'd love to support you!

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Traveling with Children : It’s a breeze with the correct tools

While the idea of traveling with children is intimidating and scary, there is usually nothing to be afraid of. Babies enjoy adventure and new experiences, so take a deep breath and try to keep a sense of humor about any speed bumps along the way. Remember the calmer you are, the smoother your trip will…

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Why you need Shedo Lane Clothing, the perfect gift for everyone!

I am always in search of clothing brands that are as comfortable as they are beautiful, and Shedo Lane is exactly that. Made from a breathable jersey knit, the material is so cozy and soft you will never want to take it off. PLUS, these luxury clothing pieces provide a sun protection rating of UPF…

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Bambo Nature Diapers- this doctor’s choice (Coupon Inside)

When bringing home a new baby one of the items you use the most is diapers and with all the options out there it can be an overwhelming choice. I was fortunate enough to have received hundreds of diapers from a diaper raffle at my baby shower, most of which were the big brands. However,…

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Teethers Teethers Everywhere

Teething is difficult, both for baby and for the parents. Your once laid back happy baby can turn into an irritable, needy, little one whom is difficult to console. Having good teething toys around can help make this time much more bearable for you both. But with SO MANY teething options out there it can…

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Planning for the Sunshine- Swimzip is your new best friend

As summer approaches, and plans to go camping, swim in the pool, play at the park, or run along the beach fill your dreams; don’t forget to protect your little ones from the powerful rays of our sun. Protecting your littles is more than just not getting sunburned, keeping baby covered also prevents sun-induced skin…

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Bebe Au Lait Swaddle Blankets, Coziness You Will Love

Bebe Au Lait started as a company that predominately sold nursing covers and has now expanded to include swaddle blankets, car seat covers, snuggle blankets, hooded towels, etc. I was initially drawn to their swaddles because of the endearing patterns they use. They have sweet patterns for boys and gorgeous floral prints for girls. In…

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