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- dr. patricia

As a mother and doctor I understand better than most the challenges faced by new parents. I'd love to support you!

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Taking photos of a newborn can be tricky, but it is so rewarding to look back on those precious moments. Plus, in these uncertain times it is helpful to know how to capture these priceless newborn photos yourself.

I am a fan of very simple, natural photos so I did not need an elaborate set-up. To aid in taking our newborn photos I brought only a couple key items to the hospital:

  • White swaddle to wrap baby in.
  • Name sticker for introduction photos.
  • Swaddles with beautiful quotes for backdrop and family photo.
  • I wore comfortable black pajamas from Kindred Bravely that have a flattering neckline. Dark solid colors and florals look best on mommy.
  • I packed comfortable cute sweats from Lulu and Roo for big brother to wear.
Pregnant mother about to deliver hugging toddler son
Last photo before Luke officially became a big brother.

Special moments make the best memories.
Newborn baby
Always try to shoot at an angle where the nostrils are not fully visible.

I laid a white pillowcase under him to provide a clean crisp surface. The fitted sheet on the bed also works well.
Newborn baby by window
Bring baby over by window during morning light when the light rays are not overpowering, but flood your room with a bright glow.

Angle baby so that their feet are closest to the window. This minimizes harsh shadows.
Newborn baby with father
Daddy snuggles. Natural lighting by the window is the best.

Turn off ALL the artificial lighting.
Newborn baby whole body image
Experiment with different angles and focus points.

Capture those early tiny details. Zoom in on all the adorable features (ears, feet, hands, nose, etc).
Newborn baby with decorative swaddle as backdrop
Sentimental items such as swaddles make excellent backdrops (daddy is holding it up).

Position with natural light from window to your back so baby is well lit.
New family of 4 with baby
Our first photo as a family of four. All room lights are off to prevent a yellow cast.

Bring a plain white short sleeve onesie for baby to wear in some photos.
Toddler brother meeting newborn baby
Sibling introductions are an important milestone to photograph.

Just keep shooting, no matter what their reactions are. Often times it helps to tell nursing staff you don’t want to be disturbed so they are not distracted.
Newborn baby with name tag
Personalized items such as name stickers are great for baby introductions.

Down angles: both from above baby, and with baby in mommy’s lap taken from above.
Newborn baby with face close-up
Move around A LOT, take some shots focused on baby’s face, others of their profile, and others of baby’s whole body.

Take videos and still photos for each pose. This allows you to pull still images from the video if needed.
Newborn baby in isolet
If you don’t know how to swaddle, ask your nurse for help.

If there isn’t a chair to stand on in the room, ask for one.

If the weather is unique (rain, snow, etc), take a photo with the bassinet in front of the window.

Above all else, have fun with these photos. Put on fun music and just get in the zone. These are your memories and you are going to do an incredible job documenting them!