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As a mother and doctor I understand better than most the challenges faced by new parents. I'd love to support you!

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BOX 2: THE CHARMER (Months 3-4)

Baby is slowly leaving the sleepy newborn days behind and becoming more interested in the world around them. I love how this box contains everything you need to stimulate your infant as they begin to engage with their surroundings.

Each piece is perfectly curated to develop baby’s blossoming senses. With a perfectly sized wooden rattle and petite rolling bell baby gets to track new sounds. For baby’s developing tactile connection, a soft book with a new collection of black and white images. A crinkle bag perfect for baby to play with on the go. With an increased desire to bring things to their mouth a collection of three rings, a soft ring, silicone ring, and a ring with crinkle teether. Finally, Noah’s two favorite pieces; small wooden hand to hand disks for him to practice grasp/ transfer and a large framed mirror (the back side is black and white images). We take this mirror with us as we move between rooms!

Developmental Milestones at 4 months:

  • Social 
    • Smiles spontaneously
    • Enjoys playing with people
    • Begins to copy movements and facial expressions
  • Language
    • Babbling
    • Cries in different ways to demonstrate needs
  • Learning
    • Responds to affection
    • Reaches for toys with one hand
    • Uses hands and eyes together
    • Follows items from side to side
    • Recognize familiar people
  • Physical
    • Holds head steady
    • Pushes down with legs when feet are on a hard surface
    • Begins to roll from tummy to back
    • May shake toys in their hand and bat at hanging toys
    • Brings hands to mouth
    • When on stomach can prop on elbows


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