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Box 5: The Explorer (Months 9-10)

With increased mobility comes baby’s desire to explore the world around themself. This box is full of versatile toys to help baby learn about the world as they play. Complete with a set of 4 wooden blocks to practice stacking and knocking down. A clear tube with stacking rings to practice hand eye coordination and ball to explore space. Two bean bags for tactile and oral textural variation. And apeek-a-boo blanket to play early games with baby whom is still learning object permanence.  This box offers so much to do.

Developmental Milestones at 9 months:

  • Social
    • May be afraid of strangers
    • May be clingy with familiar adults
    • Has favorite toys
  • Language
    • Understands “no”
    • Copies sounds
    • Uses fingers to point
  • Learning
    • Looks for things you hide
    • Plays Peek-a-boo
    • Smoothly able to transfer objects from one hand to the other
    • Pincher grasp (grabbing things such as cereal between thumb and index finger)
  • Physical
    • Stands holding on
    • Can get into sitting position
    • Sits without support
    • Pulls to stand
    • Crawls

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