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As a mother and doctor I understand better than most the challenges faced by new parents. I'd love to support you!

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BOX 4: THE INSPECTOR (Months 7-8)

Your little one is quickly becoming an active little member of the family. They want to see, touch, taste, and feel everything within reach! Whether it is edible or not, it is going in their mouth. 

Drop Ball Box

To introduce baby to the idea that objects remain in existence even when not in view- the play kit comes with a drop ball box with a selection of balls for baby to feel and experiment with and a zippered pouch to store them in. 

Stacking Cups

Our favorite toy from this box is the nesting cups that are perfect to build a tower and play with in the bath. My toddler is constantly claiming them for himself.

Circle Puzzle

To encourage hand eye coordination, baby’s first puzzle is a simple circle to lift and replace. Additionally, a small steal cup is included to practice drinking from an open cup.

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