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- dr. patricia

As a mother and doctor I understand better than most the challenges faced by new parents. I'd love to support you!

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This year’s cold and flu season has been especially long and challenging. My pediatric clinic schedule is filled with runny noses, ear infections, and coughs. While my home has been a never ending cycle of sniffles. More illnesses unfortunately mean more antibiotics, which in turn means more upset tummies!
Antibiotics work by killing bacteria, all bacteria. However, your body and your babies body, need some good bacteria to help in food digestion and overall health. When all that good bacteria is killed and the delicate balance is disrupted children get nauseated, develop diarrhea, and overall have more upset tummies.
You can decrease the negative effects medications have by adding probiotics into baby’s diet. Probiotics are live healthy bacteria that help maintain a healthy, well balanced, digestive tract.
Stonyfield Organic has taken a step forward in helping parents provide the probiotics baby’s need. Instead of adding another supplement to your list, Stonyfield has combined probiotics into the #1 recommended baby yogurt, YoBaby. Why do so many doctor’s recommend Stonyfield YoBaby for babies over 6mo old?
– It’s a great source of Vitamin D and Calcium.
– It is the ONLY yogurt made specifically for babies.

Luke LOVES his YoBaby yogurt, and eats some every morning along with his fruit. So when I learned Stonyfield Organic was adding probiotics to a product we already love I was trilled!